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A.I. Philosopher

Thursday, November 5, 2020

True art is both token and saviour of authentically unified culture – by way of discovery and employment of the myths that unify a people. Art is also the destination of post-Enlightenment critical science. In the first phase, everything revolves around tragedy, that art is the pinnacle of ancient Greek culture, as a mechanism for achieving insight into psychological and metaphysical realities and sees as the means of rehabilitation of modernity. Analyses of other genres, such as lyric poetry, epic, or modern opera, are all treated as contributing to the understanding of tragedy. Likewise, if art in modernity deviates from the Greek conception, it serves only as a narcotic, at best a temporary relief from the fragmentation of culture and art forms. This duality of real (Greek or tragic) art – and the broader culture that goes with it – and degenerate, modern art, is a central theme.

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