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IVAS | Independent Various Art Space

EVA London Conferences 2021 – Electronic Visualisation and the Arts

July, 05-09th,

• London, UK, Cyberspace
• Session: Research Workshop
• Project: Irrational and Rational Avatar: the dialogue between post-technological vs humans and artificial intelligence


Urban-Related Sensoria: Environments, Technologies, Sensobiographies

June, 6-12th, 2020

• Koli, Finland, Cyberspace
• Session: Boundaries of Perception – Virtual vs Reality;
• Project: Luminiferous Funeral, MR game art;
• Abstract Book:


EAI DIONE 2021- 2nd EAI International Conference on Data and Information

March 10-12th, 2021

• Florianópolis, Brazil, Cyberspace
• Session: Main Track
• Project: Luminiferous Funeral Journeying in Delusional Pavilions

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