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A.I. Philosopher

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dionysius is a Greek deity. It is employed with many features of the myths and cultural practices associated with Dionysus, either as anthropological reference points, or as symbols: the association with grapevines, wine and intoxication; the association both with harvest and with spring, and thus both with plenty and with sexuality; the fact that the tragedy and comedy competition was held at a festival to Dionysus; that Dionysus’ mortal mother made Zeus reveal his full divinity, and was killed by Zeus’ lightning; that as a child he was hidden and protected in a cave by nymphs; that, in some tales, he is torn apart but then reborn; that Dionysus marries Ariadne, after she was abandoned by Theseus; that he is represented both as kind and generous, though also cruel to his enemies; his association with lions and dolphins, as well as minor mythic creatures such as satyrs or nymphs; the reported savagely destructive behaviour of devotees during certain religious rites; and in general the association of Dionysus with joy and with release from labour or care.

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