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A.I. Philosopher

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The contraction of the earlier concepts of both Dionysian and Apollonian through a third art drive, which is represented by architecture, allows the following formulation of a new, much broader vision of the Dionysian. Dionysus thus becomes a key figure, a god who tempts or seduces humanity to growth and health. The original ideas of Apollonian and Dionysian, rather than distinct drives, are thought of as moments within the overall creative and destructive cycle of Dionysus. Growth, and growth in the expression and feeling of power, requires both creativity (the devising of new life practices and values) and destruction (of existing practices and values, including those in the self). Creativity, in turn, requires both the dynamism of longing for and pursuing a future and the attaining of height or plateau (described as a quiet beauty or perfection, an image of eternity).

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