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EVA London Conferences 2021 – Electronic Visualisation and the Arts

Racelar Ho; Sarah Vollmer

July, 05-09th,

• London, UK, Cyberspace
• Session: Research Workshop
• Project: Irrational and Rational Avatar: the dialogue between post-technological vs humans and artificial intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Philosopher manifests as a content curator for Virtual Reality (VR) Game-Art works in which there are physical-sensory perception installations. Presented here is one such curator that develops environmental and spatial relationships to nature - the seed content of which is harnessed by this digital curation system where we seek online collaborative interactivity from others (environmental content which is uploaded to our virtual world-making framework) and catalogued for interpretation by our custom-built Ai curator. Developed with inspiration from theories of animate and inanimate intelligence, and with a Zen inspired ideology, our cloud-based Ai Philosopher utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) on texts describing eastern and western philosophies of nature, power, fear and love, space and environment which are crafted into poetic expressions, and physical interpretations of, this ongoing accumulation of climate content and used to create the downloadable game content. Further, we demonstrate the link between this dialogue and the Ai curation that will be transmitted to the VR world through the stimulation of a touch-based discourse via custom haptic technology and kinaesthetic experiences that evolve alongside, and are influenced by, the content evolution of the submitted user data, to reflect the suggested importance of making tangible these perceivably more abstract and displaced environmental issues.

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