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VIMANA - La transmisión is the project purposing to investigate a novel way of rituals between real and virtual worlds/spaces amongst human beings, nature, and technologies in the post-technological and post-pandemic era. It delivers a question of how everyday practices structure a new layer of legend to human and nature through the somatic movement and the spatial-temporal awareness wandering in hybrid dimensional space-time. It is also an international residency project, IMMENSIVA International 2021, supported by the ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture (Barcelona, Spain), MEET Digital Culture Center, IRCAM, Aalto Studios, Dashboard, V2, Helsinki XR Center, ./studio3 Institute for Experimental Architecture, Karma Lab, University for the Creative Arts, Updated Art Studio and Hard Disk Museum. The first exhibition of this project will open on 23rd June at ESPRONCEDA. The selected project will exhibit for the Ars Electronica show on September 9-12.